A downloadable game for Windows

** Hit SPACE in the comic scene to get to the main menu**

Have you ever wanted to careen through an empty graveyard in a coffin with rockets strapped to it? No?? Well now you can, in TERMINAL VELOCITY.

Use A and D or an Xbox One controller's left stick to steer left and right.

Your velocity is constantly ascending beyond your control! Grabbing boosts (red orbs) will increase your acceleration, while slamming into tombstones will slow you down. 

The higher your speed, the larger your combo multiplier becomes, so find the right balance between blistering fast and slow enough to control! If your speed goes beyond capacity, you'll blow up and it's game over!

GMTK Jam 2020 entry by:

  • Allison Langlois
  • Chey Amil
  • Daud Nazary
  • Karan Tawde
  • Matthew Murchison
  • Nicklas Steffensen


TerminalVelocity.zip 26 MB


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Hi folks! Once you run the executable and reach the introduction comic, PRESS THE SPACE BAR to proceed to the main menu!


Hey, your game looks interessting! Unfortunatly, i cannot play it. It looks like there is some kind of resolution issue in the main menue. 


To be fair: I got a uncommon resolution: 2560x1440


Hi there, pressing the space bar on this screen should bring you to the main menu

Deleted 2 years ago